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Busitema Library recently added over 10,000 e-books. These are accessed by Busitema community on the Local Area Network (LAN) under the following subject headings:

  • Applied Psychology
  • Communication Skills
  • Development Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • Law
  • Public Administration
  • and many others.

Library Services

The University is an integral part of the University’s Mission which resolves around quality training, research and community service. The University has a library at each of the two campuses – Busitema and Nagongera.  The library maintains two major collections: science and Engineering. An ICT unit is being planned to provide technical and managerial support to realize excellence in quality training, learning and research.

The library provides access to print information resources including a number of journals and books. The University is making arrangements to provide information services to library users within and outside the University community.  However, both libraries cannot handle the now increased population of students, and lack the necessary up to-date infrastructure as well as scholarly materials.

University Library

Busitema University Library was established in September 2007 with 2 campus libraries at Busitema and Nagongera. Currently, the University Library is composed of three (3) operational branches, that is, Main Campus (Busitema), Nagongera, and Namasagali.


"To be a leading provider of relevant and modern ICT-based information resources and services which satisfy the needs of national and international communities".  


“To support and develop scholarship, teaching and research at Busitema University through identifying and providing efficient access to appropriate information resources and services”.  
To become a modern university library, providing a full range of high quality services to University staff, students, and external readers.
The Library currently holds at least a total of over 30,000 volumes in all the three (3) branch libraries. The Library currently subscribes to two (2) major electronic databases, that is, EBSCOhost & Emerald.  The library is also building a collection of CD ROMs that come with some textbooks.
The Library collections cover undergraduate degree and diploma programmes in Engineering, Science and Education.  However, there is a sizable collection in other fields like medicine, law, arts and humanities.

Main (Busitema) Campus

There is no purpose built library. The library is accommodated in the administration building and occupies a room of 800 sq.ft. It can accommodate a maximum of 32 readers. Generally, the current library facility is very inadequate. The total collection now stands at 6,492 volumes including 1,843 volumes of the former National College of Agricultural Mechanization. There are very few current periodicals and the University Library is yet to subscribe to the periodical information resources. There are five (5) Library Staff members including one qualified professional.
Nagongera Campus Library
There is an impressive purpose built library occupying 4,800 sq.ft. It can accommodate a maximum of 120 readers. The total collection now stands at 16,600 volumes including 13,100 volumes of the former National Teachers College. However, there are no current periodicals. There are five (5) Library Staff members including one recently recruited qualified professional.
Namasagali Campus Library
There is a library building that can serve the purpose but it lacks office space and a workroom. However, it can be partitioned to create some two offices. It occupies a space of about 3800 sq.ft. It can accommodate a maximum of 80 readers. The total collection is estimated to be over 4,000 volumes of the former Namasagali University. There are no current periodicals. There is only one qualified professional Library Staff member.


The Library and Information Services are based at two Campuses, at the Main Campus Library and at Nagongera Campus Library.

The library has received donations as follows:

  • A donation of 19 textbooks from International Book Project (USA), August 2008.
  • A donation of 166 new textbooks from Book Aid International.
  • A donation of 5 tons of new text books from World Vision Uganda, February 2009.
  • A donation of over 20,000 text books and 43 computers from Books for Africa.